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Dynamiq entices leaders to visit refugees in Uganda

By Abraham Garang

The famous South Sudanese singer, Kennedy O. Lorya aka Dynamiq Dynamiq has appealed leaders in South Sudan to go and share with refugees in the settlement camps their experiences.

The award’s winning artist flew to Uganda from the United States of America to share the World Refugee Day celebration with his fellow country people residing in refugees’ settlement in Uganda.

He was a guest artist who crowned the cultural part of the event where he electrified Bidibidi residents with his famous hits.

Dynamiq’s songs are centered on fighting racial, tribal and social status-based discrimination.

Urging everybody to be patient, Kennedy explained that he and his team are working to uplift youth and everybody that needs encouragement.

The legendary singer called on the people of South Sudan to embrace the spirit of unity and to denounce all kinds of discrimination.

The singer appealed to the young people to pursue their dreams in education and urged the entire refugee community to put God first, because “with God everything is possible.”

Growing up in a refugee camp in Kenya, Dyamiq picked interest in Music.

However, the authorities in Yumbe District of Uganda have urged humanitarian actors to continue providing the refugees with necessary services required for them to live for longer years in peace and to integrate them into the education system to avoid refugee youth from turning into future actors in criminal activities such as robbery, theft and gang criminality.

Mr. Hudu Hussein, is the Resident District Commissioner {RDC} for Yumbe District. In his key address during the World Refugee Day organized on 23rd June 2022, Mr.

Hussein appreciated the people of Yumbe for exhibiting the African spirit of hospitality and stressed on the importance of embracing peace rather than pursuing war which, according to him, is destructive to both human and environment.

This year’s celebration is under the theme:  Whoever. Where. Whenever. Everyone has the Right to Safety. The RDC said it is a right to have peace in a safe environment and that war is injustice, noting that nothing destroys the world than to be in war.

The senior government official emphasized the importance of strict observation of family planning methods to mitigate issues of poverty.

He expressed his dissatisfaction with rampant teenage pregnancy in the District and promised to effect laws prohibiting early marriages and defilement.

The official said his administration will arrest young children who do not want to go to school, as district and the country are in need of educated generation to run the affairs of the nation.

Meanwhile, Yumbe District Chairperson (LC5), Asiku Abdal  Muthalib thanked the President of Uganda for unique policy in the country that allows refugees to move freely in Uganda, and travel to other countries in the region unhindered. 

Addressing the event, Refugee Desk Officer, West Nile, in the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM), Solomon Osakan, warned South Sudanese refugees against registering to vote in the upcoming elections in Uganda and to refrain from acquiring the country’s National identification card (ID). Mr. Osakan, also warned against bush burning in order to preserve the environment.

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