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CES cabinet passes over SSP 16 Billion Fiscal budget

Wani Tom, Minister of finance (L) and Andruga Mabe Information Minister (R) -File photo

Bida Elly David

The Central Equatoria State Council of ministers in their meeting on Thursday approved and passed over Sixteen Billion (16,000,000,000) South Sudanese pounds for the fiscal budget 2022/2023 to the parliament for further scrutiny and approval.

The proposed budget was presented by the Minister of finance, planning and Investment in Central Equatoria Sate with the aim of tabling it before the State Parliament for further deliberations and amendment where necessary.

Last year, Central Equatoria State members of parliament took oath of allegiance to form the State transitional Legislative Assembly and thereafter, there have been series of debates on urgent matters of public concern which excluded financial syllogisms as a crucial area of concern.

Despite holding parliamentary debates, the fiscal budget becomes one of their variables to be argued upon through syllogisms for final deliberations.

The fiscal budget prioritized stabilization of peace and security and restoration of the economy as well as maintaining the city to an advanced level.

Speaking to the media after the meeting, Andruga Mabe Saverio, the Minister of Information and Communication as well as the spokesperson of the Central Equatoria State’s government said the fiscal budget included revenues that will be generated from the State and the national government.

He said the budget shall be tabled before the State’s August house for further deliberations by the parliamentarians at later days to come.

“We sat today as Central Equatoria State council of ministers in our meeting number seven and passed our fiscal year budget. This budget includes the revenues that will be generated from both state revenues and national grants. The minister of finance, planning and investment will be expected to table the draft budget before the State Transitional Legislative Assembly (STLA) for further deliberations before its endorsement and subsequent operationalization,” he said.

Mabe said the law grants the state budget to be presented to the August house for thorough revision as well as deliberation before it is approved for implementation based on resource mobilization.

“According to the law, the budget is expected to be submitted to the State Transitional Legislative Assembly as soon as the executive passes it to the legislative arm of the government,” he cited.

On his part, Wani Tom Sebit, Central Equatoria State Minister of finance, planning and investment said the fiscal year budget was developed to deliver six strategic areas and directions.

“The state budget we worked on is expected to cover six strategic areas which consist of peace and security stabilization, social service delivery, revival of the economy, good neighbourliness, return and integration as well as keep Juba clean, green and safe,” he highlighted. 

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