Governor Rin nourishes public to support restoration of peace

Participants in the thanks giving ceremony to the governor of Lakes state on Saturday, 17th, September, 2022 at Freedom Hall, photo/ Akol Madut Ngong

By Akol Madut Ngong

The governor of Lakes state is calling on politicians and the entire community to continue supporting the state leadership in and South Sudan to restore peace in the society.

This came during the thanks giving ceremony organized by the members who hail from Lakes state over the weekend under the theme: “Lakes state first, agriculture for food and for all”.

Speaking during the occasion, the Lakes State governor Rin Tueny Mabor encouraged young people and community at large to continue supporting the leadership and government of Lakes state to sustain peace and development.

He said that Lakes state was one of the most troubled states in the country were communal conflict, cattle rustling, road ambushes along the ways, revenge killing, massive displacement were rampant and schools and health centers were totally destroyed or abandoned, but said peace has been restored.

“The life of our population of the rural areas was subjected to miserable basic service, infrastructure development, food production was made impossible by the conflict,” he stated.

The mission was tough and challenging, it was to turn the impossible to possible, and our policy as state government is to protect the people’s life and their properties, restore rule of law and to enforce law and order,” he said.

Mabor added that he was convinced by the three consultative conferences with the intellectuals, elders, youth, women, church leaders; traditional chiefs and relevant stakeholders saying they unanimously adopted some resolutions which were enacted into customary law and public order act by the transitional legislative assembly of Lakes state in July this year.

“I have acknowledged the collective effort of our intellectuals and the entire citizens at home and diaspora for their hard work to stop communal conflict, cattle rustling, roads ambushing, revenge killing and restoring law and order, today Lakes state is peaceful and stable,” Mabor added.

The Lakes State Governor stated that early child marriage and forced marriage is prohibited by the law citing that if you happened to involve in it then you have committed an offence and will be punishable by the customary law and public order.

“Our challenges are economic difficulties in the state as well as in the whole country, weak institutions, infrastructure that is poor roads almost nonexistence of this national roads and feeder roads, sustainable peace and security, food, flood and heavy rainfall, unskilled human resources, rule of law and accountability, these are the challenges facing us in the state government,” he stated.

Mabor however hinted that the state policy development plan for the year 2022/2024 is agriculture for food, infrastructure that is roads, bridges, feeder roads, health, education, justice, peace, unity and prosperity.

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