Islamic Council rubbishes mayor’s threats against market insecurity

By Bida Elly David

The administration of the Islamic Council has warned the mayor of Juba city and his administrators against threats over deployment of forces in the market to threaten traders as well as forceful imposition of revenue collection from traders, saying that it was a baseless accusation.

A press statement issued by the Islamic Council on Saturday warned the City Council against using the social media to defame and exaggerate statements that the law would have handled with partial ruling.

The statement stated that the Islamic council has got legal documents that prove complete ownership of the plots of land allegedly claimed by the Mayor.

It also underscored that the City Council did not have any document to show complete title deeds of the land.

Furthermore, the statement pointed out that the mayor’s threats was a clear indication of dictating the directives of President Kiir ordering return of all claimed assets back to the Islamic Council with immediate effect.

“The language of threats in the mayor’s statement is completely rejected,” it stated.

“So how can he threaten bloodshed in a dispute of land ownership when he does not have any document to support his claims? How can the mayor of Juba City Council in the local government have his powers by interfering in housing affairs and urban planning, not respecting court decisions and the directives of H.E. President of the Republic who in his wisdom and fairness directed the return of all Muslim property,” it continued.

The Islamic council argued that Juba City Council (JCC) did not have any right to claim the land of Markaz Alwaaz located at Konyo-Konyo market saying the Islamic Council was one of the institutions beyond the level of the local government.

They underscored that the Council could only deal with high level of government to restore all the Muslim property throughout the country.

The statement added that the Council had got many land disputes across the country which is legally dealt with but what the mayorship did was a battle of illegal sentiment.

“South Sudan Islamic Council is a national institution that is not at the level of the local government but there are high levels of government that the Islamic Council deals with to restore all Muslim property throughout the Country.”

“Therefore we declare that the recovery of the plots of land Markaz Alwaaz in Konyo-Konyo. Islamic endowment Commercial center is one of the dozens of property that were in the hands of other illegal bodies and some officials around Juba, Torit, Wau, Nimule Rumbek and other areas” it disclosed.

The Council cited that all land disputes had been dealt with in a legal way but not through the media. “So why does the Juba City council refuse to accept the law so that the Justice to the Islamic Council restores its rights,” he said.

The Council has condemned the accusations of the mayor against illegal collection of taxes from traders using organized forces who terrorized them.

“We strongly condemn the accusations and allegations made by the mayor of Juba City Council about collection of taxes from traders using organized forces to terrorize traders. This nonsense talk is completely rejected,” it stated.

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