State gov’t blames national authority over poor roads

By Bida Elly David

Central Equatoria State Minister of Roads and Bridges has pushed blames on the national government for having failed to extend their financial support to improve the on-going state’s infrastructure construction urging them to stand in support of the infrastructural initiative.

The minister casted the blame on the national government during a press conference convened by governor Adil on the state of affairs and the recommendations of the governors’ forum to the media on Thursday.

Central Equatoria State among other states across the country is the center that annexes most roads to states through government and commercial services where transportation of variety of commodities and passengers is done.

Recently, the national government in collaboration with the Central Equatoria State government launched construction of some dilapidated highways meant to boost accessibility but the project seemed not to have been moving well due to financial constraints.  

The commissioners of Kajo-Keji and Yei counties some months ago raised an alarm about the poor shapes of the roads connecting the Counties to the capital and carrying goods to commercial centers.

They said that farmers and traders have been hindered by bad roads during transportation of their goods from the production areas to their homes and markets.

Speaking to journalists on Thursday, Mawa. A. Moses, the Central Equatoria State Minister of Roads and Bridges said that the infrastructural project for the establishment of Juba-Yei Road and Yei-Morobo have been in slow move due to financial constraints.

He said that lack of financial support from the national government has made the project to slow down as services were put under tentative pause until financial resources are generated.

Mawa further underscored that good  infrastructure is the only way that boosts economic growth as traders will be moving from one market to the other extending commercial services to other citizens across the Country.

The state Minister of Roads and Bridges made it clear that the state could not execute the construction project independently without the support of the national government being the mother of all governments.

At the same juncture, minister Mawa said that the construction of Juba-Yei and Yei-Morobo roads is currently moving despite the fact that finances have crippled part and parcel of the project.

“As for the infrastructure, we are moving well but the only challenge facing us is financial problem that is supposed to come from the national government as the head” he said.

“We are currently moving well with the construction of Juba –Yei and Yei Morobo roads. We really need a huge support from the national government as they have promised. We hope that we receive the support and the project continuous well” Mawa added. 

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