National Security Officer condemned to death over wife’s murder

By Bida Elly David

The Juba high Court has pronounced death sentence by hanging against Bobby Longar Akok, a national security officer who killed his wife and a young man following a cheating incident he claimed to have happened.

The verdict follows compounding evidence after series of investigations carried by the authority. The evidences were then sent to the court for trials.

Presiding over the court proceedings yesterday, Judge Alexander Sebur spelt that the accused is guilty of murder under the penal code act section two hundred and six (206) that forbade the use of lethal items such as guns against anybody.

“The accused violated the section 206 by intentionally using his gun to kill the victims. He riddled the bodies of the victims with multiple bullets, which resulted into serious injuries that eventually led to their death (victims),” he read.

“Confirmation number 11, 2021 said that to shoot at a person from point blank range where the bullet would hit him very hard and causing maximum damage or injury can only mean that the accused had wanted to kill the deceased by all means and that he knew that death would only be the probable results. In fact not only probable but likely consequences of his act,” the judge reiterated.

He added that the accused was convicted after failing to produce enough evidence to support his claim that his wife cheated on him.

Judge Alexander however said the 206 penal code act 2008 Section 206 has a provision where the nearest relatives of victim and that of the accused can meet and compromise on the outcome of the ruling either in favor or against the accused.

Early this year, Bobby Longar Akok who serves with the national security gunned down Rebecca Anyuon, his late wife, and Akech Manut, whom he believed to have been in courtship with his children’s mother.

Akech Manut was gunned down alongside Rebecca Manut while sitting together at a banquet in the fated evening in one of the hotels in Juba.

Based on the investigative reports gathered, Bobby the accused was believed to have warned Manut severally against being closer to his wife but the late never heed to them.

The execution awaits conclusion of deliberation of both the accused and the victims on whether compensation or hanging.

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