Turkish Embassy, TIKA donate farm tools to refugees in Renk

By Mary Poni

The Turkish embassy in South Sudan and Turkish Cooperation Agency (TIKA) donates an assorted farm tools to refugees in Ruweng Administrative Area.

According to the ambassador of Turkey to South Sudan, Erdem Mutaf, the farm tools were granted in order to support the refugees with farming activities.

Among the tools donated were hoes, rakes, sickles, slasher, and axes. The tools will be distributed to 500 families.

“The tools are projected to benefit 500 homesteads. We handed over the tools to the authorities of the refugees. It is now up to them to ensure that the refugees receive the tools,” said Erdem Mutaf.

In addition to the tools, the refugees will also have seeds. But since it is not the planting season, the seeds will be distributed in 2023 when the rains come.

“We would first have to contact the community leaders for what kind of seeds they would like to plant and we will do our best within our capacity to provide,” he stated.

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