Activist urges Kiir to prioritize Rome peace talks

By Mary Poni

The President of South Sudan, H.E Salva Kiir Mayardit is urged by one of the activists in the country to prioritize the opening of the Rome peace process.

In regards to the visit of His Holiness Pope Francis and the Archbishop of the Canterbury and the moderator of the general assembly of the church of Scotland on the 3rd to 5th, President Kiir is urged to open the Rome peace process because the Pope visit has linkage with the establishment of the Rome peace process.

The Executive director for Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO) Mr. Edmund Yakani told No. 1 Citizen Daily Newspaper that Mr. President should take concern in the implementation of the Rome peace process.

Yakani said the President should prioritize the visit of His Holiness including his cabinet because suspending Rome peace talk in the face of their visit is giving a very bad signal.

“With due respect and honor to President Kiir, we are begging you as citizens and appealing to the spirit you have used in the speech by saying no matter how much we disagree as South Sudanese, let us use dialogue as an instrument for resolving our disputes than violence,” said Yakani.

As stated by the President in his previous speech that dialogue is the only tool to resolve the tensions between the government and the holdout groups.

“As you have mentioned that how much we disagree as nationalizes, let us use dialogue because violence never gains peace,” said Yakani.

“We are urging you to repeat and to ensure that the peace process is open so that we see demonstration of political will from the parties on the table,” he reiterated.

He said the players of the Rome peace process which are parties on the mediation table should demonstrate political maturity.

Political maturity is required nationwide and the country can’t be kept on talking and shifting goalpost from time to time. Time has come for political maturity to be demonstrated.

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