Gov’t acknowledges poor education and health services

By Bida Elly David

The Vice President for Service Cluster, Hussein Abdelbagi Akol said that the government of South Sudan has acknowledged the poor services in education and health sectors in the country.

He said however, the government is working towards improving the health and education services especially in the rural areas across South Sudan.

“The government is aware of the challenges in health and education sectors in the country. We have noted that children in most villages across the Country are facing difficulties in accessing schools,” he said.

“There is need for quality education to be extended in various areas in order to benefit all the learners in all the ten States of South Sudan. Every child has rights to education,” he stressed to the presidential press after a consultative meeting with the President of the Republic of South Sudan this week.

Abdelbagi said that their meeting outlined some of the key challenges impeding the health sector where majority of the citizens decry lack of medicines and health facilities.

“All of the challenges including that of health have been considered. My office is working in collaboration with the national Ministry of Health both at the state and the national level. We would address the needs of the people in due cause of time,” he stated.

Hussein however said that improving education and the health sectors in the country require joint responsibility between the citizens and their government through ensuring that there is peace to defeat the challenges faced by the two sectors.

“Through unity among the people, children will have best education and good health services,” he explained.

“We have considered ways of finding amicable solutions for ensuring that all basic services are provided to the people in the rural, and urban areas respectively,” he added.

Last year, Hussein Abdelbaggi ordered all public schools to offer free education to learners without charging any amount of school fees.

He said that the government would be providing every material necessary to promote the sector at various levels.

The Vice President on the other hand warns those who erect structures on school land or grab plots meant for schools. He said such structures will be demolished once found.

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