Global Clerics plead for change in South Sudan

By Bida Elly David

Pope Francis and his Counterparts have entreated the people and politicians of South Sudan to build good relationship as a way to end evil of corruption, disease of division, illegal business dealings, and the game of injustice.

The three men of God made this call over the weekend during their ecumenical message to all Christians at Dr. John Garang Mausoleum concerning the on-going insecurity and deteriorating economy.

In their message, the three clergies warned government against using youth to attain their political will rather urging them to demonstrate their efforts towards serving the people to mitigate all sorts of conflict.

They proclaimed that as disciples of Jesus, South Sudanese should be like the salt that changes the taste and the flavor of food into a better taste.

“Every disciple of Jesus as the salt of the earth is the witness to the covenant that God has made; that which we celebrate every month. It should be an eternal and unbreakable covenant, and a love that cannot be shaken even by our infidelity,” they proclaimed.

In continuation, the global religious figures urged citizens to overcome the tendency of dividing one another according to ethnic groups – noting that people should be united and work jointly to bear good fruits.

“Let us learn to apply the salt of forgiveness to our wounds since souls can burn but also heal. Even if our hearts bleed for the wrongs we have suffered, let us refuse one and for all to repay evil with evil and we will grow healthy. Let us accept and love one another with sincerity and generosity,’’ they jointly said.

Moreover, Pope Francis stated that South Sudan is a very beautiful Country, but it is ravaged by violence, and it needs joint efforts for transforming it with the love of God.

“This Country is so beautiful. Yet it has been ravaged by violence. And this is the like that each of us has or betters the like that each one of you is. I pray that you will be that salt that spreads and dissolves South Sudan with the fraternal taste of the Gospel,’’ he added.

He called on peace and hopes to dwell in South Sudan saying that the nation is in their heart for continuous transformational prayers.

On his part, Justine Webley, the Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury warned the youth against raping women just to meet their sexual desire.

He said that women are special, and they deserve equal treatment just as Mary the mother of the Lord was treated.

He added that women play a bigger role in transforming the society into a better place thus they should be respected.

Furthermore, he called on the youth to distant themselves from being used as tools for destruction, but rather to focus on transforming the society.

Iain Greenshields, the moderator of the Church of Scotland said that political leader and the citizens to use prayer as a tool to change the nation into a better place for all.

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