Hustle is the Best Success Tool for Jobless Youth

By Thomas Akuith Ngong

Being in a state of joblessness is a worrisome situation for an ambitious young person in South Sudan. Generally speaking, South Sudan is laden with income-generating opportunities, but her young population is jobless. This is a very scary phenomenon for the youth. Joblessness is a habitual happening that the South Sudanese youth have endured for a length of time since South Sudan’s total separation from the Sudan in July 2011. Therefore, hustle is the only best success tool for overcoming such an intractable socio-economic matter for the youth in this adolescent republican state.

Hustle is loosely defined as “exertion of strenuous efforts to obtain money or business.” Henceforth, it is not easy to get whatever you want without untiringly exerting physical efforts of your own. This proves difficult for those young individuals who lack confidence in their abilities. In most cases, a majority of the young people relies on their relatives, parents, acquaintances, and friends to fuel their daily personal plans instead of investing in a hustle. In the similar development, others sit idly and markedly say that there are no jobs in South Sudan. This is a blatant lie. Jobs in this nation don’t avail themselves to an idle sitter for one reason or the other. In principle, this should not be the case for an ideal young person full of muscularity, and mental strength.

A job is not only what is being provided by the government entities or non-governmental bodies. But it is also what you create on your own or what you do casually and get wages to nurture your personal programs and for your sustenance. If one steadfastly follows such an ideology, then it is inimical to one’s personality, dignity and economy. Use the cardinal compass of life and change course so as to strengthen your life and build a solid foundation for yourself. To the North is government, to the South is NGO and corporations, to the West is a group of relatives, companions and parents who are durably fooling you, and to the East is hustle. Choose hustle and build a nest conducive to your living!

As a young person, all you need is to be independent, self-productive and creative. The situation of South Sudan needs nobody in your company none other than your dear self. With such, it is incumbent upon you to take up that responsibility knowing that you are alone in the fight – a fight for your life success. Otherwise, penury will continue to be noisily knocking on your door all the time. If you cannot manage at all, just try to be in the middle of the road of success and failure rather than being jobless and live in a destitute life. Nobody can build your life here in South Sudan. The task to change your situation is a 100% bestowed upon your shoulders. You have to carry your own cross!

Having clarified on an alternative to a state of joblessness in South Sudan, it is a moment to discuss means for hustling. Before talking about that, why do you need to hustle? If you know your situation and key personal programs, then hustle comes in automatically as a mode of making your life suitable, lovely and livable.

If you are jobless and also want to be independent, then embrace hustle as your crucial tool to achieve your programs. Namely, you can hustle for your college education, paying your rents, supporting your dependents, marriage, et alia. But remember that there are stumbling blocks on your hustling journey. Therefore, it needs you to be courageous and strong to overcome those roadblocks. This is one of the qualities of an achiever. But if you want to be in the opposite point – the loser, then you will not miss it my dear. This is a free brotherly tip at your disposal. Hustle 24/7 as there is no proper time for hustle and God will increase your hustling opportunities. Start now and you will appreciate it soon or later.

Use hustle as your co-sibling to launch, fuel and to fulfill your dreams. Don’t wait for this state of joblessness in South Sudan to be changed by others. There is no planned schedule for such in our beloved country. It is your solemn duty to change direction. Embrace hustle with faith, courage and hope and things will automatically be good for you. Whether a graduate or non-graduate, this principle works for all regardless of political, social and economic status. Therefore, hustle is the best success tool for the jobless South Sudanese youth.

Thomas Akuith Ngong is an opinion writer and holds a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery from the University of Juba. He lives in Warrap Town of Warrap State. He is contactable aerially on +211 921 809 762 or digitally via