Over 10,000 households in Bor to access power

By Deng David Panchol

The extension of electric power distribution poles to other areas in Jonglei State Capital Bor by the Bor Power Plant will provide power to more than 12,000 households once completed, an official has said.

Isaac Mamer Ruk, the Jonglei State Minister of Housing, Land and Public Utilities said the installation of more electric poles is ongoing in the state.

Ruk said the installation of electric poles and wiring will take two months to be complete.

“The installation of electricity poles is taking place at the eastern part of the state in the areas of Pakaw. We need to cover the distance of 5 kilometers with power. This is the policy from the state government and we are working on it. As state government we want everyone to have access to power in the town.” Ruk said.

“The installation of electricity poles will then be diverted to the side of Makwach junction and back to the town. After completion of installation of electricity poles and wiring, people will have access to power in Bor Town,” he noted.

The minister also disclosed the extension of power line to other areas to light up the state.

He added that five sub-power stations will be constructed to regulate power before distributing it for consumption.

“We are going to establish six more sub-power station so that the power can first be stored. Like from Bor civil hospital, there will be one sub-power station to Pakwa and from Pakwa to Makwach. there will be another station,” he stated.

“From Marol market to Tibek another sub-power station will also be established and from Langbaar to Wut-Cuei will also need one,” he continued.

Ruk also assured residents that power will be affordable to the civil population in the state.

According to Minister Ruk, 12, 000 households will benefit from the power project.

He revealed that Bor Power Plant is being run by an investor contracted by the government and once the project timeframe expires, the plant will be taken back by the state government.

In another, development, Mamer said construction of the dyke in Jalle Payam of Bor County has been completed adding that dyke from Jalle to Twic East is almost complete.

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