Deputy governor warns authorities against limiting water to citizens

By Emelda Siama John Lopula

The deputy governor of Central Equatoria State has warned Juba County authority, the city council and traders against limiting water supply within the city other than reaching it to the population at the outskirt of Juba.

Speaking during the launching of the water treatment plant on Thursday, Sarah Nene, the deputy governor of the state directed the county commissioner as well as the mayor to ensure extension of water supply to people living far from Juba.

The deputy governor of Central Equatoria State, Sarah Nene Redento, said that, with the launching of water treatment facility, they expected the reduction of the prices of water for every individual to afford.

Nene said, over a hundred water points were constructed around Juba City for the purpose of easy provision of safety and clean water to the citizens especially for those who are residing in the remote areas in Juba City.

“As government in general, we must see the changes in the prices of water and exploration of water supplies to citizens should stop,” she said.

She stated that the purpose of the project is not only to provide quality water, but for the reduction of water prices to the consumers.

“The authorities of Juba City Council and Juba County should find out, why the supply of water to citizens is still very expensive as there is nothing happening in the sector,” she questioned.

Nene further noted that as the government was trying to extend the water supply network to all the areas of Juba City, the authorities of South Sudan Urban Water Corporation, Juba City Council and Juba County should make their own water tanks to help in supplying water to the citizens in affordable prices.

“I appreciate the Government of South Sudan and the Japanese people for the available gifts of provision of safe and clean water to the citizens,” she said.

“Water is life and those who provide water to people provides it with life and the purpose of having these facilities of water is to save many people through mitigating water borne diseases that would cause death due to people,” she added.

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