Hunger is a real disease in South Sudan

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By Kiden Stela Mandela 

Large population in South Sudan mostly suffers from hunger including the one that is supported by humanitarian agencies, if you are at the country today, most are suffering from hunger more than attacks that are happening around the country, people are already traumatized on the issue to do with high prices in the market since Citizens are not having their own farms to reduce the high cost of commodities in the market, since skyrocketing prices have overpowered some families who used to eat one meal per day, they now go with nothing until the next two days.

South Sudanese are still bracing commodity as the pound continues to depreciate against the dollar since everything is now got at the black-market rates. It is a very difficult situation to all citizens in the country even though the working classes are also suffering. And in all these, the authorities concerned are not capable of coming up with uniform prices in the market. They have totally failed everything in the name of dollars as if it is the South Sudan main currency. If you look around South Sudan in two years’ time, now the death rate will be higher than the number who died during the 2013-16 crisis because today hunger is affecting everybody child including women. The country was brought to this situation by our own leaders and up to now it is taking time to fix all the damages in the country yet they don’t face all the challenges that the citizens are facing that’s why even if people are crying for peace it ends up in tears but the lions sit and laugh loudly.

The leaders in this country have turned their back to the citizens to the extent that Citizens have given up and ended up drinking bitter alcohol to finish their lives since responsibility has become hard and these leaders did not know that when coming to election the first thing is that Citizens look at the situation where they are in before giving their votes. They just don’t vote for the sake of voting so MPs, Governors including the top positions open up your eyes because the same citizens dying today of hunger are the ones to vote for you, so there is need for the authorities to wake up and support its citizens in this difficult situation because there are already reports that people are dying of hunger.

The president should address the issues facing the country generally more especially the issue of the black market to save lives and give hope to the citizens on what to do next because those who are appointed to control could not do anything, it is not normal that a country with a lot of resources suffers more than poor countries. While waiting for the roadmap, at least there should be some changes.

God Bless South Sudan

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