Give room for mediators – Kiir to Sudan generals

By Bida Elly David

President Salva Kiir Mayardit has called on the two warring generals in Sudan to prioritize safety of civilians and cease hostilities to give room for mediators to intervene for peaceful to prevail.

The forces of two rival generals fought intense street battles in Sudan’s capital Khartoum on Friday, witnesses reported, as the warring parties ignored appeals for an end-of-Ramadan ceasefire, according to AFP.

More than 400 people have been killed and thousands wounded since the fighting erupted Saturday between forces loyal to Sudan’s army chief Abdel Fattah al-Burhan and his deputy, Mohamed Hamdan Daglo, the commander of the powerful Paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF), who is commonly known as Hemedti.

Speaking during a Ramadhan feast dinner Thursday, Kiir expressed regrets as the Sudanese warring generals objected to calls for ceasefire following his separate telephone conversations with the two to briefly cease hostilities.

“When we were in conflict with my vice those days, the Sudanese government used to push us to dialogue, telling me as the president to be a preacher of peace because if anything happened in the South, We listened to them until we accepted and declared ceasefire but I am wondering why they refused to listen to us. ” Kiir wondered.

The president noted that the violation of the call for the two generals to agree was a clear indication of underestimating the role of IGAD, AU that formed a committee to help the Country stop bleeding.

Kiir cited that Sudan’s contribution fully to the peace in South Sudan and for that matter, the Country has five vice presidents that have never happened in any part of the world.

“What is currently happening in Khartoum is inhuman. I called president Burhan and his deputy Mohamed. I told Burhan that they should stop the fight and do the same to his deputy but they refused instead the fighting continued. If they had respected me as a soldier like them, they would have listened but not,” he stated.

“We as the South Sudan government through the Juba agreement have been mediating political differences of the same people fighting now. Nobody expected us to bring peace in Sudan and our efforts have gone in vain but we will not give up,” Kiir vowed.

“All of you know that we ran away from Sudan because of how we were treated but despite the bitter history, we will still not leave our brothers but help them,” he added.
“Although we separated, I will still love Sudan and the Sudanese and ensure that peace prevails to them amicably with no negative impacts. “

On another note, President Kiir further commended the Islamic community for having respected their religion and continued fasting despite the clashes between the rivaling parties in the Sudan.

He said that it has been because of faith of religion that citizens in Sudan are surviving despite the grumbles between the fighters.

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