Mystery in Gudele as witchdoctor turns young man insane over theft.

 By Bida Elly David

Vendors and customers in Kubri Haboba market of Juba city on Tuesday witnessed a mystery as a 21-year-old young man stripped naked after stealing from a vegetable seller.

Speaking to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper yesterday, Boroso Laku, an eye witness of the scene and a small scale retailer in the market said, they (business people) were shocked seeing the usually-normal gentleman undressing himself naked.

He said that the owner of the money whose name remains withheld made several inquiries on who mistakenly took her money but her counterparts in the business fraternity gave no positive response.

According to Boroso, the woman had no option other than taking permission to beef the burglar through traditional method as she promised and an hour later, a strange person whispering with incantations showed up.

“When the man appeared in the market with a different sound, the young man showed up with the money covered in a paper. After submitting the money, few minutes later we saw him removing his clothes with random laughter,” Boroso narrated.

Mr. Boroso further stated that the drama continued for an hour and later subsided after the police authority of Kubri Haboba intervened to pick the victim and the woman for investigation.

However, retailer Boroso did not give the narrative of how the wizard absconded the market circumference after accomplishing his mission noting that the owner of the money took an affirmative initiative for fishing out the thief through the wizard.

“Business people are tired of losing their money and commodities in the market every time. These young men are found of too many pilferages especially during closing hours in the evening. That is the only method to deal with them,” he said

At the same note, Regina Fozia a female retailer underscored that the same woman has severally been victimized over same burglary noting that digging out the source of her money was the only solution.

“This lady has responsibility like any of us. She suffered the same situation sometimes back. Having undergone the same scenario, she promised to deal with the thief since he was under covered,” she said.

John Pitia who testified being a bugler promised not to steal again after seeing his age mate instantly ran mad stripping naked before the crowed in the market.

“I never noticed that it is easy to get mad through stealing. I know this gentleman by face in the market but I did not know that some women can do everything possible to discipline us. We are so many in the market but none of us have ever gone through such bitter experience thus I can’t steal,” he surrendered.  

 In 2021, city council cracked down several shrines in Gudele and apprehended four witchdoctors following rumors pertaining women who use them to have gains over men particularly married and the rich.

Edmund Yakani who strongly condemned the evil act of the witchdoctors warned the public against using traditional ways to attain their objectives calling them to focus on what transforms the society into a peaceful environment.

Some women who alleged indulged in charming men were caught with several photos of people believed to have been bewitched in Hai Al-Salaam and Gudele residential areas in Juba.

Former Mayor, Kalisto Lado who was by then at the mantle power at city council swore by the grace of God not to compromise with any of them. He paraded number of police officers for the exercise and succeeded in his duty and finally burnt the shrines into ashes.

The city council disclosed that the witch doctors were contributing towards the destruction of society.

However, efforts to reach the national police service spokesperson for comment on the matter was not successful by press time after several trials.

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