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It’s worthwhile; Speaker of the Revitalized Transitional National Legislative Assembly, Rt. Hon. Jemma
Nunu Kumba introduces biometric system to check on attendance of the lawmakers, despite objections.
Amidst cynicism and unpredictable misconceptions which are likely to hamper acceptance, the speaker should be intrepid of such common phenomenon preceding new ideas.

Absenteeism in all sectors impairs progress of activities and as such, it contributes to delayed or total failure to catch up with time, since there are only 365 days in a year. A year, on other hand, is segmented into months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and then seconds, but an instant time lost is never regained.
Considering the above notion, a moment exists only once in lifetime and when it slips out, only the
memory, whether good or not, in any form remains in the mind.

For those who live by the water bodies know it handy, that once a mudfish slips off the hand into the
waters, it only counts for a loss. Time is money, time lost amounts to poverty.

All eye of every citizen of South Sudan are on the Revitalized Transitional National Legislative Assembly
to expedite its mandate towards realization of peace in the country, hence time lost, prolongs the quest.
Pragmatically, with a short life time left, members of Revitalized Transitional National Legislative
Assembly needed to focus on counting bundles of achievements by 2024 which is around the corner.

Laying aside other aspects of the need for time management and attendance, in the book of genesis, God
directed man to eat by his sweat, as leaders, lawmakers should attest to the words of the Almighty.

We live in a global village of technology. There is a need to change with the fluid environment and leave no room for change to change us, otherwise; the repercussion for lagging behind is irreversible.

It might take time but better the necessity of adaptability for advancement, than never at all.

Let our leaders be exemplary on time management and consistence in attendance, for all other civil servants in the country and workers in the private sector to emulate.

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