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A relationship guru once said, “throw a party for people around you, keep them in celebration mood, they will each unveil their hearts’ secrets, unfortunately, outgoing revenue boss heard his after timeout, resistance to change.

As talked at the well-coming ceremony of the new boss of national tax collectors, introducing changes was at an apex of a silent animosity in this institution, a go slow, indicator for the successor.

Change, though inevitable, is often difficult thing for a human being to embrace, if not implemented systematically and without a clear vision.

Bad news, the change attempted at the National Revenue Authority, purportedly involved implementing a new recruitment policy, demanding existing staff re-competes for occupied vacancies.

Implementers of this policy might have forgotten or are green about an organizational pandemic known as “Change Resistant Culture,” which needed to be handled prior to even mentioning a word to employees.

Talking about a change triggers numerous questions in the mind of an employee, setting the staff to become unstable, insecure, not only of their positions but even the future, lest they fall culprit.

Loss of a job is unequivocally madness, loss of focus, loss of life and an extinction of one’s family. In moments as such, a person thinks of nothing than suicide.

Changes at all levels are inevitable but shouldn’t be mentioned crudely and cruelly, rather gradual transitional mechanism functions humanly for the interest of all.

Successful change management requires implementing multiple phases to ensure the transition runs smoothly.

Institution managers should clearly map the stakeholders impacted and focus on individual transition as well as on making the environment conducive for change, than cut throat method

A holistic change management approach should address key aspects of the need for change, resources for management, risks associated with the change, realistic timelines, training and support.

However, unfriendly change policies are costly and need to be eliminated under necessary circumstances. Lt’s go slowly and surely to reach our destination, regardless of the duration.


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