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Marriage is like a concrete building

Marriages can either be brick-built, block-built or both. To have a long-lasting marriage, you must lay a very strong foundation. A strong foundation is laid with a through-gate marriage and not a through-window one. I guess you have understood me here. Bricks are bought with lie-free words because a lie is a hyena of marriage (excuse my grammar) meanwhile blocks are bought with money.

A money-built marriage, which this article also refers to as the block-built marriage, begins feeling sick as soon as the source of money commences to become narrow. The handling of a block-built marriage lacks trust between the spouses as both of them have forces that can magnetize their remarriages once they break up. It starts long in courtship as the love between the groom and bride is planted and irrigated not by words and nature, but by money.

After becoming husband and wife, the dirtiness of money appears in full combat to make sure this money-glued marriage comes closer to divorce as soon as possible. The satanic image of money becomes real and enters into every word and action of the spouses in that whatever each of them says and does, densifies accusations and consumes the marital choice more aggressively, leading to divorce. A marriage united by natural love, rather than the artificial love of today, is resistant to rampant misunderstandings that lead to divorce. For a marriage having a very strong foundation to last much longer, you must build it with bricks, and not with blocks.

As you all know block-built houses never last longer, so do block-built marriages, therefore, it is of great importance to build your marriage with bricks. For a marriage built with bricks to stay much longer, you must roof it with an imperishable iron sheet. To cement and paint your marriage for life, you must make sure even a needle does not find space between you and your mother-in-law. Mothers-in-law are powerful in marriages.

One time, a married daughter came back to her mother and told her that she has grown to hate the man she married too much and that, she had wanted to murder him. But because her mother never wanted to disobey her daughter and to involve in murder as well, she resorted to cajoling her daughter by giving her a ground powder of rice as a poison to kill her daughter’s husband.

Before she gave her daughter the rice powder, she instructed her daughter as follows; when you go home my daughter, begin to do everything a woman does to her husband so that when the poison I have given you kills your husband later, you will never be suspected. I know it’s hard to relove a man you have once hated for nothing other than to kill him, so go and follow all I told you even if it takes a longer time.

Lastly, after you have made sure time has ripened, always take a portion of the poisonous powder I gave you and spray it over your husband’s food and broth, he will die gradually. The killer, I mean her daughter took the poison and rushed home. After 3 days doing all a material wife does, the lost love between them began emerging, and when she commenced spraying the poison in her husband’s food, her ‘other heart’ was telling her not to kill her innocent husband as love was growing gently.

As her husband became too romantic, she became extra romantic to such an extent she swore by God not to poison her husband again. One very bright morning after love has replaced blood in her body, she politely requested her husband to visit her mother on account that she has spent time without seeing her. Because trust was restored, she was given permission to visit her mother.

In front of her mother, she knelt down begging her mother to give her a cure for the poison, and when asked why she didn’t again want to poison her husband, she said she had grown to love him more than any other man on earth. Her mother then told her to rise and sit down. As she took a seat, her mother said, what I have given you wasn’t a poison, it was a grinded rice because I knew you have misplaced your love and once you show each other love for as few as 7 days, you would find it. Now you have found your misplaced love, go and love your husband, never think of murdering him again.

She went back happily, and their life went on smoothly. If it were a block-built marriage, this mother-in-law would give her daughter real poison to kill her husband, so build your marriage with bricks so that you always have a mother-in-law of this kind.

The author is a medical student, University of Juba.  

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