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Open Letter to HE President Salva Kiir and the first Vice president HE Dr. Riek Machar

By: Joseph Akim Gordon.

Greetings to you and I wish to congratulate you upon commemoration of the 12th Anniversary of our independence.

I am obliged to write to you this open letter, because, as an ordinary citizen, I have the right to talk or write to you so that you are aware of the life we are leading in this country.

Since independence in 2011, we have not harvested our peace dividend. It is good that your colleagues, the first vice president was out of the country but we appreciate that he has returned.

For number of years you have been working together, we had expected you pay visits together to constituencies or to the states.  This would have sent positive signals that our leaders are working to gather to cement peace.

There are still pockets of conflict, here and there, which is not good for socio-economic development. We can improve this country, if we embark on economic development.

Our economy is dependent on Agriculture, but with insecurity, farmers cannot engage in a meaningful agricultural development and moreover, we have not invested enough in agriculture development. Socio-economic development is not a free gift; if you do not invest you will continue to swim in poverty.

This country has more livestock than its population. Infact some of our pastoralists, those with 200 cows or more and in reality, are millionaires if not billionaires, yet live poorly. If some of the animals were converted into monetary value, this could have transformed their livelihood in a positive way. Instead, these animals are moved to other states causing havoc and serious confrontation with crop farmers.

Both of you are sitting in driver’s seat; some troubles tearing up this country, if tackled properly could have resolved many situations.

Another issue bothering me, your excellences, are the constant defections of your cadres, moving from A to B and B to A, causing worries when you read between the lines, there is a hidden negative agender.

Your excellences, we are tired and exhausted of war, let us focus on to the 2018 peace process, if properly implemented, it will bring lasting peace to our country. Any misunderstanding with your deputies’ sends us a negative signal.

The experience of 2013 is still alive in our mind, when we see you cooperating, seeking the way how this country can return to total peace, this alone is an assurance that you’re working together to bring about lasting peace.

It is peace that will enable us to develop this country. It is development that will improve our economy, political stability and peace. Eventually, this will also strengthen the rule of law and end revenge killing.

In the absence of total peace, refugees are scared to return home, the internally displaced people have not returned all to their respective places and people live in fear of insecurity in the country.

Your excellences, as the election date approaches, let us create an environment that will attract both the refugees and the internally displaced people to return home.

All the necessary arrangements before holding the election are very important. A good election needs prior arrangements and preparations make it peaceful, democratic, and transparent as well as credible, to be accepted by all.

When there is total peace in South Sudan, we shall climb the ladder of development faster. Criminality and violence will be a thing of the past.

My greatest worry is that I was born in war time, grew up in war time, and now, I have reached old age in war time. When aim I going to enjoy real peace?

We pray that let God encourages you to save our lives.

It is easy to ignite war but very difficult to bring about peace. Listen to the voice of the voice less. Let God alone inspire you, to be peace lover and bring a total peace to South Sudan.

God Bless South Sudan.

The author can be reached through e-mail: akimgordon222@gmail.com

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