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Attackers kill a man, abduct six others

By Manas James

Armed attackers shot a man dead, abduct his wife and five children along the road in Duk County, Jonglei State, over the weekend, a local official said.

Duk County commissioner, Peter Latjor Chuol said that on the fateful day, the family of six was heading for Duk Pagak when the incident occurred.

“On Friday at 2 p.m., a father, his wife and five children left Chindiir village for Duk Pagak. On reaching a place called Wang-Kacuol, they were attacked,” he narrated.

“The man was killed and the rest of the family members were abducted,” Chuol added.

The county commissioner condemned the attack and said no arrest was made because the incident took place in the ambush.

No group has claimed responsibility for this latest attack.

However, road attacks, often accompanied by abduction and killing are commonplace among the communities of Greater Jonglei.

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