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“Education is not something you can finish” Isaac Asimov

By Tap Badeng

Education is a continuous process, a lifetime school and a house of learning one cannot exit from so long as they are still breathing on the earth. Therein lies the secret to becoming a great leader, educator, and honorary academic: to commit to reading because the spare time you get for sipping coffee and eating food is enough to glare at a book.

So far, some of the tertiary and university graduates and primary and secondary school leavers stop reading the very moment they step out of classes, in which they will be desolate in terms of service delivery and expected to voluntarily contribute towards community growth.

Grab and buy; let us read books since there is wisdom in reading and sharing information is vital to our daily interactions.

The money you spend on clothes, mobile phones, and other accessories can build you a library for your success. A good reader inspires children at home and in schools and influences people by injecting helpful ideas as a valuable resource.

There is no wise or intelligent person unless he or she enriches himself or herself with knowledge acquired through reading. I can attest to you that in those days, I wasted my precious time discussing people, arguing, losing my temper, and taking everything for granted when I did not know the exact effect books leave on people. The moment reading becomes a culture and part of your life, you can see things clearly.

It is high time for the youth to read and write such that a reader who focuses on studies learns, and only those who read make it to the top and get the perfect opportunity, and even the best students recommend reading as the simple choice to earn scholarships.

The writer is a theology student at The Episcopal University.

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