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Gov’t mulls attracting refugees for polls

Charles K Mark


South Sudan government plans attractive policies for refugees to return and participate in elections.

Deputy Information Minister Dr. Jacob Maiju Korok disclosed to the press, saying the government eager to hold elections by 2024 and preparations are ongoing.

“As you know, repatriation of refugees is voluntary. The government cannot compel them, but it is the policy that will attract them to come,” Maiju said.

He did not clarify the kind of policies the government intends to put in place to attract the refugees.

However, Chapter V of the Revitalized Agreement on the Resolution of Conflict in South Sudan provides for establishment of a Commission for Truth, Reconciliation, and Healing (CTRH).

The same Chapter also stipulates the formation of a Hybrid Court for South Sudan (HCSS), and a Compensation and Reparation Authority (CRA).

These institutions must be in place to allow reconciliation, forgiveness, compensation, and resettlement of all returnees and to pave the way for justice to prevail over those affected by conflict.

Meanwhile, the cabinet recently passed two Bills for the formation of the Commission for Truth, Reconciliation and Healing: the Compensation and Reparation Authority.

The Bills are yet forwarded to the National Assembly for Legislation.

The two Bills are critical parts of the peace-building process, to spearhead efforts to reconcile communities and promote peace and healing.

Once passed by parliament, the two Bills will become Acts; one paves way for formation of the reconciliation commission that will be open for complaints or grievances for investigation.

The Compensation and Reparation Authority, according to the agreement is meant to address issues of compensation and reparation.

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