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Fatal car crash kills 2 SSPDF soldiers

By Hou Akot Hou


A military vehicle belonging to the South Sudan People Defence Force (SSPDF overturned after swinging off the road, leaving two soldiers onboard dead on the spot on Monday.

The car was reportedly travelling from Marial Baii Payam of Aweil West County to Gok-machar of Aweil North County, Northern Bahr El Gazal State, when it had the fatal accident.

The traffic police officer, Sergeant Major Anei Dut Awan, said the vehicle overturned and killed the deceased, identified as Lt. Garang Mawein and Mou Dut Garang, on Monday.

He attributed the cause of the accident to over speeding, adding that the driver was not using the main road but was using a pathway.

“The SSPDF car was going to Gok-machar, and it overturned on the spot. It is unfortunate that the two officers died immediately, and the other four seriously injured have been rushed to Aweil,” said Awan.

He urged the public to avoid over speeding, saying that might cause fatal accidents, such as the ill-fated SSPDF officers.

The medics in Aweil West County in Nyamlel Hospital say they are doing all they can to rescue the critically injured officers.

Lual Khamis Lual, the deputy director of the hospital, said the other four who are critically injured were treated, and they are working around the clock to transfer them to Aweil if their condition persists.

Reports of road accidents have been on the rise in the state, and the people have been advised to ride responsibly by respecting traffic rules to avoid falling victim to high-speed fatal accidents.


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