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Gondokoro incident needs Justice-CTSAMVM demands

By Bida Elly David


Peace monitors urge south Sudan government to investigate the army for inhumane treatment of civilians in Gondokoro Island.

Ceasefire and Transitional Security Arrangements Monitoring and Verification Mechanism (CTSAMVM) reiterated the call in meeting on Tuesday,

In December, last Year, residents of Gondokoro Island accused government forces arresting chiefs, torture and looting of property, during disarmament of the civil population.

Chairperson of the peace monitors, Hailu Gonfa Edossa noted the need for the officers to face justice for their violations of human rights.

He called for disciplinary actions to be taken against senior officers who fail to hold their personnel accountable.

“Too many CTSAMVM reports over the past year have concerned the actions of ill-disciplined soldiers. Discipline is a command responsibility, and CTSAMVM recommends that senior officers be held to account for the actions of their personnel,’’ Hailu said.

Hailu further urged the government, particularly the leadership of the SSPDF, to provide mentorship to military officers, especially those in high-ranking positions.

All soldiers are to be educated in their responsibilities within both military and civil law, and their obligations under the R-ARCSS to protect civilians,’’ he said.

Rabi Mujung Emmanuel, a representative of the Interim Transitional Government of National Unity (ITGoNU), expressed appreciation to CTSAMVM for their concerns regarding the Gondokoro incident.

He acknowledged that it is the government’s responsibility, in collaboration with peace monitors, to ensure the safety of civilians.

While Rabi acknowledged the need for accountability, he stressed that individuals should be held responsible for their actions, rather than blaming the entire SSPDF as an institution.

Regarding the Gondokoro incident, Rabi confirmed that one military officer involved had been apprehended and was awaiting trial.

He commended the SSPDF for taking action in arresting the individual responsible.

In his part, Major General Bior Geek echoed Rabi’s sentiments, supporting the notion that individuals should be held accountable rather than blaming the entire SSPDF as an institution.

“The Country cannot commit violations but individuals, so if the SSPDF has confined the Canal, I really appreciate that and thank them for the action they took to arrest him,’’ Bior said.

He expressed gratitude for the arrest made by the SSPDF and acknowledged their efforts in taking action.

On the other hand, Major General Jany Kaway, a representative of the South Sudan Opposition Alliance (SSOA), condemned the SSPDF for allegedly threatening the civilians they were supposed to protect.

He emphasized the need for a careful examination of such violations and the development of strategies to address them.

In early February, an investigative committee led by Central Equatoria State Security Advisor Angelo Daaya Ladu reported the arrest of seven military officers involved in the crimes committed during the disarmament exercise. However, CTSAMVM expressed dissatisfaction with the findings of the committee’s report.


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