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MPs compel trade minister to withdraw criticism  

By Kidega Livingstone


National Minister of Trade and Industry, William Anyuon Kuol was forced to withdraw a statement criticizing legislators for not visiting their constituencies during recess and engaging with constituents on issues of agricultural production.

While responding to questions from lawmakers about the government intervention on looming hunger in the country, yesterday, Mr. Kuol stated that addressing the looming and current hunger crisis is a collective responsibility, not solely the work of the executive branch

“Looming Hunger Intervention: It’s not only the responsibility of the Executive alone, but it’s the collective responsibility. Some of the Members of Parliament did not go for recess; they have been in Juba without going to their constituencies to talk about production,” Anyuon said.

The minister’s statement was met with a reaction from the legislative assembly, which deemed it inappropriate.

Anyuon later withdrew the statement, acknowledging that he should have phrased it differently.

“I was trying to say that your presence in your constituencies is important; anyway, I withdraw the statement,” the minister said.

Mori Benjamin, the Spokesperson of the Transitional National Legislative Assembly, explained that the lack of facilitation funds had prevented some lawmakers from going on recess and visiting their constituencies.

“We were having two recesses, and there was a fund that had not been paid to parliamentarians. The only thing the Minister did not have full knowledge of was what had happened to MPs, but anything that was withdrawn, we considered it,” he said.

The lawmakers went for a three month recess at the end of last year until the beginning of this year.



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