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Abdelbagi calls for calm as gov’t addresses economic crisis

By Kidega Livingstone


Vice President for the Service Cluster, Hussein Abdelbagi Akol, has urged the people of South Sudan and partners in the health sector to remain patient as the government works to address the country’s economic hardship.

Speaking during the signing of a declaration of commitment and collaboration to fight HIV, TB, and malaria, and strengthen the country’s health systems, Abdelbagi acknowledged the economic challenges facing the nation.

“As we mitigate the economic challenges ahead, remain patient and resilient because our government is working tirelessly to address the economic crisis and create a better future for all,” Abdelbagi said.

The Vice President praised the sacrifice made by health workers in the country, despite delayed salaries, and thanked the health partners, including the Global Fund and GAVI, for their commitment and efforts in improving the health sector.

Acting Minister of Health, Awut Deng Acuil, quantified the importance of the signed declaration, stating that it will promote a healthy South Sudan through a coordinated approach that will strengthen the sector.

“It’s important to know that South Sudan will not handle her issues alone, so the partners have come to see the resources they have given and how they are making progress, so commitment is very important,” Acuil said.

The Minister also noted that the resources provided will be shared with those affected by the war, including refugees and returnees in the country.

Harley Feldbaum, Head of Strategy and Policy Hub for the Global Fund, highlighted the progress made with the resources provided, particularly in the area of malaria, which has assisted over seven million households in the country.

Amy Latrielle, Director for Fragile and Conflict Countries for GAVI, emphasized the organization’s collaboration with the government to save lives, particularly in ensuring that no child is left behind during the immunization process.



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