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Muslims urged to abide by Allah’s command

By Charles K Mark


Muslim leaders in Juba have called on the faithful to listen to the voice of God and keep His commands in order to be blessed.

Speaking to the faithful during the Eid Al-Adha prayers on Sunday, Sheik Refat Juma Abdallah, the Imam of Munuki Mosque said it is important to follow the footsteps of Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham).

“When we intend to celebrate this Eid, we should remember the family formed by prophet Ibrahim. When we celebrate Eid Al Adha, we remember sacrifice, we remember family (Father, son and the wife) and we remember the visit to Mecca,” the Imam recalled.

Sheik Refat reminded the congregation that Prophet Ibrahim placed God’s command above all else, even the sacrifice of his own son.

“When he (Abraham) kept the command of Allah and made it first, not his wife or son, God saw his obedience and replaced the sacrifice with a lamb,” he noted.

Another Imam, Abdallah Parial Jonathan, expressed his joy at the growth of the Muslim community in South Sudan since the conflict in neighbouring Sudan.

“I am so happy that many people are joining the faith, and you can also see that since the conflict in Sudan, many Muslims have come to South Sudan,” Parial said.

He urged the faithful to live out their faith through their actions, not just in words.

“When you say you are Muslim, you must be truthful to the faith. In your workplace, market or government office, everywhere you go, you have to show your faith with actions. Because when they see you moving as a Muslim, you are representing Islam, not just yourself,” Parial stressed.

Eid al-Adha is one of the most significant festivals in the Muslim calendar, commemorating the Prophet Ibrahim’s (Abraham’s) willingness to sacrifice his son when commanded by God.


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