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PROGRESS: NEC forms state-level committees

By Bida Elly David


National Election Commission (NEC) has established high-level committees at the state level to kick-start voter registration process, as the country gears for elections.

In an interview with No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper, Professor Abednego Akok, the Chairperson of the NEC, stated that the task force committees will conduct assessments in each of the ten states to prepare for the upcoming voter registration exercise.

“They are the real people to assess the places where elections will take place in the states. They will be dealing with voter registration as well as the polling and counting of votes,” Professor Akok explained.

According to the NEC Chairperson, the committees comprise five members each and have undergone the necessary training to carry out their duties in line with the law.

“A lot of them have been going through the training from March to April this year. It is an ongoing process as the constitution requires,” he added.

Regarding the commencement of the voter registration exercise, Professor Akok confirmed that it is scheduled to begin in July, with the state-level committees taking the lead.

“The voter registration is starting in July. This time, the committees will be directed according to the law,” he stated.

Professor Akok called on citizens to prepare for the upcoming elections and participate in voter registration process, peacefully and freely.

“They should be ready to register their names peacefully and freely and prepare themselves to vote. Elections are for them to choose their leaders democratically, as required by the law,” he emphasized.

The establishment of the state-level election committees marks a significant step in the preparations for the much-anticipated national elections.




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