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Jonglei state governor seeks God’s solace

By Bosco Bush


The newly appointed governor of Jonglei State has sought God’s grace before taking office, due Monday.

According to the governor’s press Unit, His Excellency, Mahjoub Biel Turuk, on Sunday, joined the faithful at St Andrew’s Cathedral for service, in Bor.

In a statement obtained by this outlet, the governor disclosed that he traveled to the state capital, Bor, over the weekend to seek blessings as he takes office on Monday.

“I have decided to come to the State Capital on Saturday in order to come to Church on Sunday to seek blessing before I go to the office on Monday, “he said

He also requested the clergy and believers to continue praying for him and wellbeing of the state.

The governor hinted that the first office on earth is the Church – and the government comes second.

Jonglei is one of the states in the country that has witnessed sporadic conflicts and humanitarian crises.

Inter-communal violence, cattle rustling, flooding, among others are common incidences that leave many people in the area vulnerable and displaced.

Governor Biel expressed readiness of his office to work with the people.

He said, there would be a suggestion box placed outside his office allowing anybody to write what they think can take the state ahead.

“The people are free to criticize their government positively for us to develop this state,” Biel said.

President Salva Kiir appointed Biel as Jonglei State governor on May 30, 2024 and subsequently took oath of office on June 1, 2024, succeeding Denay Chagor.

During his swearing in ceremony, Biel expressed willingness to work with the local authorities to foster peace and security within the state.

However, since appointment, the new governor is yet to assume office and serve the people of Jonglei, as chief of security, in the state.

Rev. Thomas Agou Kur commemorated the Sunday Church service as the main celebrant.


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