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Ustaz Mark Bang


A good governance minimizes corruption, considers opinions of the minority, listens to the oppressed in decision-making process, and responds to the needs of the community.

We have the governance but lack the characteristics that we’re going to look at shortly.

Now, the term good governance has often been used by national and international organizations. Many scholars, politicians and philosophers have given their inner thoughts to redefine good governance, not just governance. Like one of the United States of America’s former president, Benjamin Franklin.

He had said, “government is aptly compared to architecture; if the superstructure is too heavy for the foundation the building totters, though assisted by outward props of art. But leaving it to everybody to mold the similitude according to his particular fancy, I shall only observe that the people have made the most considerable part of the legislature in every free state, which has been more or less so in proportion to the share they have had in the administration of affairs”.

The English constitution is fixed on the strongest basis; we choose whomsoever we please for our representatives, and thus we have all the advantages of a democracy without any of its inconveniences. The following are some of the characteristics:

  1. Participation in the concept of good governance here is an opportunity for everyone to voice their opinions through institutions or representations. In addition, everyone, without exception, has the right to freedom of association and expression.
  2. Rule of law

To implement good governance, the legal framework in the country must be enforced impartially, especially concerning human rights law.

  1. Transparency

Transparency means that every policy taken and implemented by the government must be carried out under existing regulations. In addition, there must be a guarantee that any information related to the policy can be accessed by everyone, especially those who are directly affected by the policy.

  1. Responsiveness

Good governance needs institutions and processes to attempt to serve all stakeholders within a reasonable time.

  1. Consensus oriented

This fifth principle is related to the decision-making process. When the decision-making process cannot accommodate everyone’s wishes, then at a minimum, the decision must be a decision that can be accepted by everyone and does not harm anyone.

  1. Equity and inclusiveness

Good governance ensures justice for the community. Everyone has the same opportunity to maintain and improve their welfare.

  1. Effectiveness and efficiency

Every decision-making process and its institutions must be able to produce decisions that meet every community need. Community resources must also be utilized optimally by the government.

  1. Accountability

All institutions involved in good governance have full responsibility to the public for the sake of improving the quality of society.

Now that we are all presented with an overall understanding of good governance and its principles, let’s talk about how it’s harnessed at the local level and how the role of local governments is especially crucial for a city’s development.

The United Cities Local Governments has emphasised in the Global Agenda of Local Regional Governments that effective local governance can be a key pathway to solving the various challenges in development at the global level. The biggest example is, of course, towards the achievement of the 2030 Agenda or what we know as the Sustainable Development Goals, as well as addressing crucial issues such as climate change. Therefore, being the closest to its communities, local and regional governments have the advantage of putting people at the Centre of every decision-making process.

Local and regional governments demonstrate on a daily basis the potential that action based on proximity has to contribute to solving major global challenges. This is believed that the development and improvement of people’s living conditions should be undertaken primarily at the local level. We strive to achieve decentralization as a way to democratize public governance at all levels.

United Cities and Local Governments is the voice of Local and Regional Governments in the any proclaimed region. We must aim to ensure that our values are shared among our members. This strength is the driver of our aim to secure a more permanent seat at the global table, to ensure the local perspectives and points of view of local and regional governments play a part in the global decision-making processes and in the implementation on the ground of the global agendum.

Conclusively, collaboration: It can be concluded that good governance is an ideal concept to achieve its goals. Yet, of course, implementing good governance is not as easy as it appears on paper. There are only a few countries that have proven successful in implementing this concept in their governance. Swift and responsible action from various parties will undoubtedly be very helpful in implementing good governance. Meanwhile, at the local level, believe that vertical integration of national policies with local level implementation is key to enable greater impact in building a sustainable and resilient city. Again, this is important as we are aware of the challenges that cities and local governments face in terms of technical, institutional, and financial capacity, which can be tackled when they are given a good enabling environment. However, it’s likely to sacrifice for the nation rather than one’ self, we have been waiting our government to see whether all promises given us right from our bushes’ time or at this time (they call) time of freedom would have been met. Many of us know surely that there is government governing the affairs of its nation but not to the maxim why? Things that are even least expected are not implemented and we don’t know why is it happening that way? Whether we’re cursed or it’s we who knows nothing of what it means to have good governance. But not that we’re cursed or us doing anything in its kind. Good governance knows what is badly affecting its citizens, what they want and what they don’t, in no time it has to fight hard in pleasing the public not individuals, hear their cries and step to help them. “Public Staunchest Ally “

The writer of this article is a Human Right Activist, writer and a professional teacher.

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