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Welcome to a court case between a rat and the lion

There have been several court cases but this one is different, it brings the big and small together to discuss some things, matters of life and death.

If the rat wins, the lion will eat him up, the rat will be his snack. If the rat loses, he will lose his miserable life too.

This is one of the risks that this little animal has ever taken in his life. Life is about taking risks. After all, we will be gone one day, just a reminder if you have forgotten. So, like this rat, you need to take some risks.

The rat has to do one simple thing before going to the court. He must say a final goodbye to his wife and his four children. They should not waste their time worrying about how they will navigate the rough life of the jungle without their dad because they, too, will be killed, all of them.

If he doesn’t return home, the family should assume that he is killed and just wait for that awful day, when they will be taken away but when he returns, the family of the rat should not celebrate because he is actually coming with the lion to collect them with the children so that they will be killed together.

The first people to be killed are the children and then the couples; I mean the rat and his wife. The lion kills the kids first because he believes that the rat’s kids will grow up one day and come back to the lion’s family for revenge, to kill the lion’s grandchildren. But wait, how could this be possible?

There is nowhere, not even in fictional movies where rats can fight lions. It can take one million rats to wage a war against a family of one lion but they are still killed. If they survive, they will do so with severe injuries. A breath from a lion is enough to end the life of a rat, hundreds of them or even millions at once.

Sometimes God can give you everything and little brain or even nothing at all. This lion has a lizard’s brain because when a lizard attacks an ant, it takes a step back before he sticks his tongue out to devour the poor insect because he thinks doing so gives him the space and stamina to face the insect head-on if the ant decides to fight back.

The lizard believes that the ant can end his life anytime if he is not careful. So, he has to be careful how he handles the insect because his big eyes see the ant like his equal. He is sometimes surprised how he easily swallows his prey without the struggle. But because God has given him eyes and not brain, he lives his days thinking that he is the strongest animal God has ever created.

He has to do several push-ups every single second to display his ability to withstand the hardships of life.

Lizards fear eagles a lot. He doesn’t believe that the eagle comes to eat him. He thinks this biggest predator comes to take him to see the good things in the sky. He believes the sky is his limit because he doesn’t have wings and doesn’t want to depend on someone with wings to take him there.

He is not disabled, so when he sees an eagle, he must run as fast as he can like he is training for a marathon. I like his confidence anyway and if you don’t know, lizards think that there will come a time when they will grow wings and fly. I just laugh when I think about what God has done to some animals like lizards; he has completely given them nothing but the ability to imagine things that are impossible and also the confidence to believe them to be true.

The point is, life doesn’t follow the movie script. You have to create your own happiness. You get it, you need to dream big and then let go of things you cannot control. Now, I want to welcome you to the court. Some animals and zebra who are not among them, sat to watch the battle between the small and the big. It is risky to witness this court case because you can easily be killed. Not by the rat, you know what I mean; the lion will hang some of the animals in the room later in the day.

The gazelle was seen boarding a bus with his family that day. They are leaving that place to start a new life somewhere, far from the place where the court hearing is taking place. If the lion can drag a little animal like a rat to the court, it means he is next and his would be the worst. He can’t face the lion.

He was told that the rat was on a suicide mission that is why he decided to do what he is doing. This is the smartest thing you can do when you are sick of life. You just have to let someone do it on your behalf.  (Don’t try it in real life, you are not a rat) For the gazelles, he is not sick of his life. He is tired of running everyday, for his life, from the lion.

The rat has lived his entire life thinking that he would be a rabbit one day. He admires the rabbit’s ears and everything. He believes that rabbits are the happiest animals around, so he wants to be one. It has been years and he is still a rat. Nothing has changed.  He is now on a mission to end his life and that of his family.

If I haven’t told you before, the reason for this court hearing between the lion and the rat is very simple. It is the lion that sues the rat because, doing so will make other animals believe that the lion is fair when he is truly not. The lion is suing the rat because the rat is dreaming big; he wants to be a rabbit. In this place, it is a crime to dream to be something that you are not.  If you need to live comfortably, you need to be miserable your whole life. Misery is a requirement if you don’t need to have any problem with the lion.

Since rat is here to defend himself, he will provide his argument first, and then will respond. Lion can then present the counter-argument, to which rat can, and so on.

The truth is, a lion is not a rat’s match. He cannot go low to debate him in the court. His plan was completely different. He wants all the animals to come to this courtroom so that he can eat them all.

The real animal that will survive here is the rat himself because he is too small for the lion. This day is the end of other animals that came to watch the debate. They will never see their families again. If there are animals that will be lucky to escape here, it will be their first and last time to be lucky. Peace.



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