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Civil Society, media not enemies-Official

By Kidega Livingstone


South Sudanese government has endorsed the tireless work of civil society organizations and media operators in the country.

Suzan Deng, who represented the Ministry of Presidential Affairs said government cannot work without the Civil Society and the media in development of a nation.

“All of us are very concerned about the nation. People think civil society organizations and the media are enemies, yet they are the mirror of the government,” she said.

According to Suzan, the civil society and the media are the mirror of the nation, directing the government to work towards development.

“Anything we do, the government cannot do; it’s the Civil Society Organization and the media that make noise to direct the government,” Suzan added.

Suzan was speaking during Civil Society Platform on Peacebuilding and State Building (CSPPS) workshop to validate Sustainable Development Goal 16.

“If there is no monitoring, there will be no discipline and no policies in place, so it’s the civil society organizations that can make a difference, and without them, no development,” she stressed.

She said that peace being the first priority for development, the government cannot manage to achieve it alone without other stakeholders and the international community.

“This is the beginning. If the government and the civil society organization are working together, peace will be achieved, and I encourage that we continue working together,” she continued.

The Sustainable Development Goal 16 indicates that by 2040, South Sudan will have no poverty, zero hunger, peace, justice, and strong institutions.

Arkangelo Kanewa, a member of Specialized Committee on Peacebuilding at national Assembly described peace as the core value of life.

He said that without peace, there is no development and life becomes useless.

“If there is no peace, the available resources we have cannot be managed properly, and as a result, we shall not have peace in the nation,” he said.

On March 20, 2024, South Sudan began assessing its progress on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a global effort to tackle poverty, hunger, inequality, and other challenges.

The voluntary national review (VNR) is a first for the country. Its data will be presented to the UN General Assembly in July this year.

National Minister of Peacebuilding, Stephen Par Kuol emphasized that peace is a top priority for achieving all SDGs.

He said the current government is committed to sustainable development, which requires peace, strategic direction, and a focus on economic, social, and environmental well-being.

Other priorities highlighted by the minister include, the rule of law, combating corruption, effective resource management, human capital development, infrastructure development, and environmental sustainability.


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