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Juba Bridge re-opens after 24 hours closure

By William Madouk


Juba Bridge reopens today, after undergoing rehabilitation work for the least 24-hours, Africa Resource Corporation (ARC) company, reported.

In a press statement seen by this outlet, ARC firm announced that movement of the country outlet bridge on the River Nile would be prohibited from Sunday up to Monday morning.

“From 6:00 am Sunday morning (June 30, 2024) to 600 am Monday morning (July 1, 2024), the Juba Bridge will remain closed to facilitate critical roadwork,” ARC company said.

Pedestrians and motorists were advised to use the Freedom Bridge during this period.

According to ARC South Sudan, the work would involves dumping and mixing of stone-base in front of bridge up to Gumbo-Rajaf Road V junction.

“ARC South Sudan is working on the Juba Bridge Telecom section, starting this evening (Saturday). The first phase involves the dumping and mixing stone-base in front of the bridge,” ARC management noted.

“This 24-hour closure will enable the completion of stone-base work up to the Gumbo Rajab V junction,” they continued.

Based on ARC company the Juba Bridge would reopen on Monday morning when 500 meters stone-base rehabilitation is completed within 24 hours, but added that it would be close again in a week.

“The bridge will reopen on Monday morning, as the 500 meters of stone-base work will be completed within 24 hours,”

“Please note that the bridge will close again later in the week for the application of the prime coat on the stone-base, preparing this section for the final asphalt pavement,”

ARC company stressed that they are striving to enhance infrastructure for a better tomorrow.

The country’s main outlet bridge on the River Nile will undergo rehabilitation, the presiding engineer Kenyatta Warille revealed.

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