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Seven killed, homes burned in Warrap State attack

By Rehan Ajuet Moun


Authorities in Warrap State have accused armed youths from the neighboring Abyei Administrative Area, known as the “Titbaai”, of carrying out deadly attack on Malual Aleu village last week.

This comes following the killing of at least seven people and several homes burned to ashes in an attack on Malual Aleu village in Twic County, Warrap State, according to the state’s Minister of Information, William Wol Mayom.

“Titbaai armed youths from Abyei have not stopped hostilities on the road,” Mayom said in a statement seen by this outlet.

“They lay ambushes and target innocent Warrap State civilians, especially farmers and passengers,” Mayom claimed.

The minister further claimed the Titbaai youths were responsible for the murder of seven people from the Awan and Aguok communities of Gogrial West County in Manyang Anyiel village.

Mayom also criticized the Abyei Administrative Area government for allegedly shielding the youth from blame.

Attempts to reach the Abyei Minister of Information, Mr. Bulis Koch, for comment were unsuccessful, as he did not pick up repeated phone calls at the time of publication.

Twic Mayardit community of Warrap State has a long history of violent clashes with the Ngok Dinka people of Abyei over disputes about land in Aneet area.

The recurring conflicts have resulted in hundreds of deaths and widespread destruction of property over the years.


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