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India avails 500 scholarship slots to South Sudanese

By Bosco Bush


Global ARCUS program has announced the availability of at least 500 scholarship slots for South Sudanese students interested in pursuing education in India.

Global ARCUS-study in India program-is an organization that offers scholarships to African students to study in India.

According to Mr. Shravan Kumar, the Head of Outreach Programs, their 2024 program is primarily targeted at South Sudanese students who lack the financial means to study abroad.

“South Sudan is the youngest country and it needs more professionals and technical experts. Our mission is to help more and more South Sudanese students who are unable to obtain degrees outside the country, particularly in India,” Kumar explained.

The institution offers a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate courses, except for medicine.

Kumar disclosed that they have already received over 100 applications out of the targeted 500 slots.

“We have courses in almost every field, except medicine. We also have master’s degree programs for those who have already completed their undergraduate studies. We have 500 seats available, and so far, more than 100 students have applied, leaving around 400 slots remaining,” he stated.

The scholarships offered by Global ARCUS are partially funded, where the students have the option to either cover the tuition fees or the accommodation costs.

The organization will provide a free flight ticket to India, as well as support for the remaining requirements.

“If you pass our scholarship test, you don’t have to pay for both fees. You’ll only have to pay for either the school fees or the accommodation. You’ll receive a 40% scholarship, and we’ll provide you with a free flight ticket from Juba to India,” Kumar explained.

Global ARCUS is renowned as the largest academic consultancy in India, providing free counselling and scholarships to international students seeking to pursue full-time academic education in the country.

Their scholarships are extended to over 100 universities, and they provide comprehensive support throughout the process, from enrollment to the hassle-free arrival of students.



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