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Stanbic Bank supports South Sudan Red Cross in another successful Blood Donation campaign

By James Luala


As an advocate for philanthropy and charitable endeavours, I believe that our existence transcends beyond our individual needs.

At Stanbic Bank, we view our role not only as bankers but as stewards of the community’s well-being. As such, we remain dedicated to uplifting the communities in which we operate, as evidenced by our latest endeavour with the South Sudan Red Cross and the National Blood Transfusion Service.


A Scenius hub staff member and James Luala, the head of international development groups and public sector at the bank, setting an example by getting his blood drawn

As a chess enthusiast, I equate the execution of the blood drive to that of a well-thought-out and strategic operation. We carefully orchestrated the blood drive at the vibrant Scenius Hub to address South Sudan’s pressing blood shortage crisis, and with a deep understanding that this initiative was not just a mere gesture, but a lifeline for those in urgent need of medical intervention.

The Scenius Hub, a space buzzing with youth was an ideal venue for the blood drive. Not only did it offer convenient access for participation but also served as a platform to promote awareness about the significance of blood donation, especially among young individuals. The sounds of footsteps and lively conversations at the Hub provided a backdrop for a remarkable show of unity and empathy, with the atmosphere filled with enthusiasm as people of all ages and nationalities gathered to support a cause larger than themselves. It was a harmonious act of selflessness, with each donation contributing to a critical need.

Within three hours, the collective generosity of the South Sudanese community shone brightly as over twenty units of blood were donated at the Stanbic Blood Drive on Saturday, 29th June 2024. This outpouring of support was not just a numerical figure but a testament to the profound impact that collective action can have on the lives of those in need.

As we reflect on the success of this blood drive, we are reminded that our journey towards creating a healthier and brighter future for South Sudan is an ongoing endeavour. Stanbic Bank remains resolute in its commitment to making a tangible difference in the lives of all South Sudanese. Let us continue to move forward, one strategic move at a time, towards a future where compassion and community define our collective legacy.

Two Stanbic Blood Drive heroines donating blood at Scenius Hub (June 29th, 2024)!

James Luala is Head of International Development Groups and Public Sector, Stanbic Bank South Sudan


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