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Pope appoints Bishop Carlassare for new Bentiu Diocese

By Rehan Ajuet Moun


Pope Francis has created the new Diocese of Bentiu, carved out of the Diocese of Malakal.

The Holy Father has appointed Bishop Christian Carlassare, currently serving as the Local Ordinary of the Rumbek Diocese, as the first Bishop of the newly established Bentiu Diocese.

The declaration was made by Msgr. Paul Lonut, the Secretary of the Apostolic Nuncio to South Sudan, in Unity State earlier today.

Expressing his thoughts on the appointment, Bishop Carlassare described it as “good news” and a testament to “the work of God among his people of South Sudan.”

“His Holiness Pope Francis has created the Diocese of Bentiu and appointed me as the first Bishop. I am profoundly touched by the love and trust of the Holy Father as He calls me, limited as I am, to serve the Church that is in Bentiu,” the Bishop said.

Acknowledging the challenges that lie ahead, Bishop Carlassare said, “It’s a very demanding call due to the many needs at the very beginning of the new diocese.” However, he expressed his trust in the Lord, stating, “I accepted this appointment with the trust in the Lord. Let him take my understanding, my will and my energies. I surrender them to the guidance of his will. What I ask is His grace and your prayers.”

The newly established Bentiu Diocese in Unity State was previously under the administration of the Malakal Diocese.

Bishop Carlassare will continue to serve as the Apostolic Administrator of the Rumbek Diocese until a new bishop is appointed for that region.

The decision to create the Bentiu Diocese comes after a visit by the South Sudan Bishops, including the Bishop of Malakal Diocese, Stephen Nyodho, to Unity State last week.

This development marks a significant milestone in the growth and expansion of the Catholic Church’s presence in South Sudan, as it seeks to better serve the spiritual needs of the faithful in the region.

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