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Commissioner forms committee to settle chieftaincy dispute

By Hou Akot Hou


Aweil North Commissioner, Kiir Chan Wol, has established an interim committee to help settle the ongoing conflict between two rival chiefs, Aturjong Aturjong and Dau Deng Nyuol.

According to the Commissioner, the committee is composed of seasoned local chiefs who have previously handled similar disputes in the area.

“I don’t fancy the notion of supporting two people who wrangle using interest groups in order to win the hearts and minds of people,” Chan said. “These people I have nominated to act in the position of paramount chief will discharge their duties.”

The Commissioner emphasized that the committee’s role is to oversee a local election process to determine the legitimate paramount chief between Aturjong and Dau.

“The local by-election through counting those who belong to any chief vying for the paramount chieftaincy role will be counted and declared publicly,” he remarked.

The decision to form the interim committee was prompted by rising tensions in the area last week, when supporters of the two rival chiefs engaged in a brawl after they were seen exchanging heated words at the county court premises in Gok-machar, the Aweil North County headquarters.

Mr.  Wol urged the public to exercise restraint until the local government processes, as enshrined in the relevant acts, are completed to install the new paramount chief.

The interim committee is expected to play a crucial role in maintaining peace and order in the county until a lasting solution to the chieftaincy dispute is found.


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