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Awerial County relocates cemetery from town

By Yang Ater Yang


Authorities in Awerial County, Lakes state have relocated a 200-square-meter cemetery to the Roordit and Amuom cattle camp areas.

This decision was made following the designation of the old cemetery site as the location for Kon Anok Secondary School in Awerial County.

Philip Mawut Garang, the Commissioner of Awerial County, told the No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper that the creation of a new cemetery, measuring 200 by 200 meters, was aimed at facilitating the development of Kon Anok Secondary School.

As a result, the government has established a new cemetery between the Roordit and Amuom cattle camps, approximately 8 kilometers from the Mingkaman market.

Commissioner Mawut advised the local residents to start using the new burial site immediately and has discouraged people from using the old cemetery that has been converted into a school premises.

“The old cemetery located where Kon Anok Secondary School is situated is no longer functional, and any attempt to bury the dead there will be questioned by the government. All the dead must now be brought and buried in the new area,” Mawut stated.

The town mayor of Awerial County, Deng Cuei, revealed that the county authorities had planned to relocate the cemetery between Roordit and Mingkaman town back in 2014, but the initiative did not succeed at the time.

“Now, we are on the ground to launch the relocation of the new cemetery for the people of Awerial County, and that’s why the commissioner and the director of land and survey are here with us,” Cuei said.

Daniel Parach Abuoi, the Director of Land and Survey, explained that the new cemetery is divided into three sections.

He said that 50 meters of the land have been allocated to the Muslim community, while the host community and the internally displaced persons (IDPs) will share 150 meters of the land in Mingkaman to bury their dead.



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