The great Bible orator, Jesus Christ once hinted to his disciples a parable about a farmer who sowed good seed in his garden but at night, the devil added weeds too. In analogy, government constructs roads for development purposes but there are those intrinsic to frustrate such efforts by inflaming[Read More…]

As we mourn Agnes Waron, who died in a land dispute at Hai-Mauna, her brutal murder epitomizes the cruelty, bereaved families face after demise of a man.  Government must protect widows, widowers and orphans against monster relatives who mercilessly loot bereaved families bare of property, robbing them of their rights[Read More…]

Your Excellency President Salva Kiir Mayardit, I am writing to you today on behalf of the suffering citizens of South Sudan. As the head of state, you are beloved by the people, and they have placed their trust in you. However, the current situation in our country is dire, and[Read More…]

As schools prepare to reopen, the government must address the longstanding issue of delayed and inadequate payment of teachers’ salaries. The current situation has created a damaging reputation for the country, with teachers being the most affected group. If South Sudan is committed to securing a promising future for its[Read More…]

In any country, empowering women is not merely a choice but a vital step towards progress and transformation. The impact of empowered women resonates not only within their communities but also throughout the entire world. Women possess the ability to envision and implement significant changes that bring about peace and[Read More…]

Hypothetically, politics is neither for the poor nor the fainthearted but charging exorbitant fees for the registration of parties, impedes democratic fair play. South Sudan is expected to transform into a democratic nation through the conduct of elections, anticipated for December this year and before that, political parties are to[Read More…]

The action of Upper Nile State governor, James Odhok towards institutions that have failed to perform their roles, calls for strategy review with stakeholders. It might sound harsh, but the truth must be spoken out to set us free, as the Bible puts it clear that salt that has lost[Read More…]

Just as the decree is read on state television (South Sudan Broadcasting Cooperation) sacking top government officials from their positions, the decrees cannot indicate the reasons behind the removal of the officials from their seats. The same decree sometimes appoints successors immediately or it takes time. But also, the decree[Read More…]

Monday, March 18, 2024, dawned with swearing-in of Hon. Awow Chuang Deng as new minister of finance and planning, but above all, he needs peace of mind, to execute roles bestowed by the head of the state. As the 15th Minister in the chronology, since the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA)[Read More…]

South Sudan remains reliant on imported food, exposing its citizens to toxic substances. Last year, on May 15, 2023, 62 trucks were apprehended at the Nimule Border carrying toxic maize flour. This poses significant health risks, including diseases like cancer. The country’s inability to address severe hunger leaves it vulnerable[Read More…]

Women’s participation in politics is essential for the advancement of democratic societies. When women assume political leadership roles, they bring diverse viewpoints and experiences to the table, resulting in more informed decision-making. Women’s political engagement leads to more inclusive policies, policies that address the needs of the entire population and[Read More…]

Nation Talks

Once again, another day dawns on South Sudan with no improvements in the economic sector. The citizens continue to suffer day and night, and it is a situation that cannot be deemed normal. The country is in a state of trauma. Ordinary citizens find it incredibly difficult to afford bread,[Read More…]

Songs sung, poems recited, opinion letters published, talk shows and conferences held yet the economy keeps dwindling, who can salvage the situation? At precarious point, many direct fingers at the government, yet the solution takes democratic angle of the majority, in this case, it is you, the choice of the[Read More…]

South Sudanese find themselves in a state of complete frustration, grappling with economic, political, and mental mayhem. The current situation has left the nation questioning what is going on. These trying times of economic hardship demand answers: Do our leaders genuinely care about their citizens, or are they indifferent to[Read More…]

To onlookers, it’s not the powers that be, but those seeking political cakes, who frequently push for changes in positions, curtailing growth, out of inconsistence. Unless a measure is devised to harmonize political ill-talking out of misconceptions, those in office will continue to be insecure, unstable and nursing heart attacks.[Read More…]

Sunday night incident where fire broke out at Giada army barrack ammunition depot is an earlier warning indicator for reorganization and establishment of military installation away from the civil population. Civilians who have settled around Giada military barracks should not wait for somebody to come and inform them but just[Read More…]

The IGAD Climate Prediction and Applications Centre (ICPAC) has released its seasonal forecast for March to May 2024, revealing a higher probability of wetter conditions in the Greater Horn of Africa. South Sudan and other neighbouring countries such as Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia, Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda, and north-western Tanzania are expected[Read More…]

The current economic situation in South Sudan has reached a critical point, where the lives of the poor are at stake due to the alarming rise in commodity prices and crippling inflation. Distress and anxiety have become the daily reality for South Sudanese citizens, particularly the impoverished, who bear the[Read More…]