By Agoku Christine Taban South Sudanese always believe that their leaders at various levels present them with genuine answers to their questions in case of uncertainties during debates in parliament sittings and their exact ways of holding each other responsible and accountable for their deeds. It is worthy sittings while[Read More…]

The indelible truth that more people are losing their lives to suicide in the country is so visible. It would not be surprising if a report came out portraying even more numbers inclusive of those in the states. Should we give ourselves to the wolves now because of wild the[Read More…]

Initiators and funders of the South Sudan Women Social and Economic Empowerment Project have touched the right pivot of development in the country. The $70 million International Development Association (IDA) grant approved by the World Bank is a long-awaited uplifting opportunity for women in the country, as long as the[Read More…]

High inflation volatility can harm economic growth through reducing consumers’ purchasing power. This causes uncertainty, leading to higher interest rates in extreme cases. It also leads to a breakdown in value of a currency as it happens in some other countries, which is why the situation in South Sudan is ongoing. This comes from the economic policy[Read More…]

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By Agoku Christine Taban Suicide cases among young people are rampantly increasing, based on news reports. This has been caused by different factors, which include limited possibilities for income generation, idleness, substance abuse, criminality, armed conflict, and gender-based violence. Many organizations that are supporting mental health and psychological awareness are[Read More…]

Nation Talk

By Agoku Christine Taban (Guest Writer) The dire economic situation in the country is making communities desperate as the local currency loses value against the United States dollar (USD). This is causing a rapid increase in commodity prices in the markets as well as transport costs. As some of the[Read More…]

South Sudan Needs a Holistic Water Management Strategy to Break the Cycle of Water Insecurity and Fragility  

By Firas Raad, World Bank Country Manager for South Sudan South Sudan must leverage its water endowment and move towards a long-term development approach to address water insecurity South Sudan faces a vicious cycle of water insecurity and fragility. Decades of conflict and social instability have undermined the ability of[Read More…]

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No Manual Payments for JCC Services Any More Juba City Council Invites All Traders, Businesses, Companies, Organizations, Shopping Centers & Shops operating within Juba City Council and Blocks to register through the new digital revenue and collection management system. The administration of Juba City Council, through its vision of transforming[Read More…]

Liquid Telecom officially rebranded to Liquid Intelligent Technologies

By Mary Poni Liquid Telecom South Sudan, a pan-African technology company and a business of Cassava Technologies, has been officially rebranded as Liquid Intelligent Technologies South Sudan. The CEO for Liquid Intelligent Technologies South Sudan Mr. Martin Mushambadope in a press conference yesterday declared to the media that Liquid Telecom[Read More…]