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Foreign Affairs puts 21 absentees on notice

By William Madouk


South Sudan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Corporation has given a one-week ultimatum to 21 of its absentee officials to report to duty.

In a notice published on Newspapers, Undersecretary in Foreign Affairs, Mayen Dut Wol listed the staff members absent from duty without permission.

The list included five ambassadors among the absentees who had not reported to work for a period of six months without providing any reason.

On the list are; Amb. Jwokthab Amum Ajak, Amb. Dr. Daniel Peter Othol, Amb. Hamilton Micheal Lugor, Amb. John Simon Yor and Amb. Makr Ayuel Deng all staff at the ministry’s headquarter.

“The administration therefore, would like to inform that, they are requested to report to the office of undersecretary within one (1) week from the date of this notice,” Amb. Wol notified.

He added that any failure to report back, the foreign affairs leadership would take necessary administrative action accordingly. It’s not clear whether the said envoys have been receiving their salaries or not.

Although the administration did not reveal to the media the action that would be taken against the absentees, the No.1 Citizen Newspaper established that they would be terminated and new appointments made for those who would take the task seriously.

Mr. Wol also said at least four ambassadors and diplomats who were recalled from embassies and missions since August 10, 2021, have never reported to the headquarters at the ministry.

They are; Mr. Okwaj Otwok Deng, Mr. Robert Saturlino Kuron, Mrs. Doris Richard Makur, and Mrs. Nyakueth Reath Wako.

Also, another list contains 12 diplomats who absented themselves for either six months, a year, or even more than two years.

They are; Mrs. Apuk Arkangelo Ayuel for more than a year, Mrs. Awor Micheal Deng for more than two years; Mrs. Yar Alech Onga absent for more than a year, and Mr. Longar Mathiec Wol for a year.

It includes Mr. Agoth Edward Mou Giir for a year, Mr. Aduot Aleu Ayieny for 6 months, Mr. Lual Koor Kuc for a year, Mrs. Achol Malong Awan for 6 months, and Ms. Ajak Malual Gordon for six months.

Mrs. Becky Aledo Goch, Mr. Fidel Bul Majok, and Ms. Christine Nyaruai Benjamin were also absent for one year respectively.


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