Initiators and funders of the South Sudan Women Social and Economic Empowerment Project have touched the right pivot of development in the country. The $70 million International Development Association (IDA) grant approved by the World Bank is a long-awaited uplifting opportunity for women in the country, as long as the[Read More…]

South Sudan Needs a Holistic Water Management Strategy to Break the Cycle of Water Insecurity and Fragility  

By Firas Raad, World Bank Country Manager for South Sudan South Sudan must leverage its water endowment and move towards a long-term development approach to address water insecurity South Sudan faces a vicious cycle of water insecurity and fragility. Decades of conflict and social instability have undermined the ability of[Read More…]


You have probably heard the adage above many times. Well, if you have grabbed a copy of yesterday’s issue of No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper or you have been following what has been transpiring in South Sudan closely lately, you probably would know about the deployment of the 753 battalion of[Read More…]

What Christmas Eve is all About

Christmas Eve is the entire day or evening before Christmas Day on December 24, the festival commemorating the birth of Jesus. Gifts, cakes and other treats, parties, night prayers and music shows are some of the traditions of Christmas that make Christmas Eve a magical night like no other. Today[Read More…]

Enough of the talking

Pick a social media channel and you’ll find individuals offering advice and commentary. Within the mix is humour, seriousness, and heartfelt life events. Turn on SSBC, and more talks happen. Some give the blazing glimpse of the obvious while others fill time with inconsequentiality, press conferences, more talks, public even[Read More…]