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In a move to address the rising issue of unnecessary conflicts in the Greater Pibor Administrative Area (GPAA), Chief Administrator Gola Boyoi Gola issued an administrative order banning age-set fights in the area

The order aims to curb the destructive impact of such fights that normally result from age-group fighting.

Under the new order, any security personnel, civil servant employees, or staff members associated with international, national, or community-based organizations who engage in age-set fights will face severe repercussions.

According to Gola, humanitarian workers found guilty will be subject to immediate arrest and termination of their employment contracts, while security personnel involved in such conflicts will be apprehended and dismissed from the military or organized forces.

These strict measures are not only timely but also serve as a strong deterrent against individuals participating in dangerous activities that cause insecurity in the area. This marks a positive step forward for the Greater Pibor region.

Such a move demonstrates a commitment from the leadership to ensuring the safety and well-being of the region’s inhabitants.

However, in order to ensure the efficacy of this ban, continued efforts and collaboration are important.

This ban should be supported by top leadership, including politicians, as well as the active involvement of the local community.

Young people should be encouraged to take part in constructive activities such as sports and dancing that can redirect their energy towards positive actions and promote unity.

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