City Council declares war against niggers

Juba City Mayor Michael Ladu Allajabu Wani (Courtesy photo)

By Taban Henry

The Mayor of Juba City Council on Monday declared war against the niggers. The declaration was revealed to the media during the launching of the South Sudan Environmental Conservation Society with the aim of raising voices about the conservation of the environment.

The police earlier last year revealed that the citizens in Juba are raising concern over their lives being threatened by the prevalence of the Niggers and the groups of gangs in the areas of Lologo and Gumbo.

Speaking during the launching, Michael Ladu Alajabu, the Mayor of Juba City Council confirmed that the City Council will declare war against the roaming niggers who are killing people within the city.

He said that they have been encountering a lot of criminals commonly known as the niggers roaming around the town.

“Those niggers are creating havocs and they are there in order to vandalize people within the city because they are killing innocent people as well as attacking churches and even some occasions,” Ladu said.

The Juba City Mayor revealed that the niggers attack and chop people with pangas and machetes adding that in order to reduce, the city council authorities were set to declare war against the so called gangs or niggers.

“The only problem is that we do not have enough prisons and reformatories in order to keep the niggers because most of the niggers are under age and are below the age of 18 years old” he added.

Ladu stressed that they are engaging with other international organizations to provide the authorities with support in order for them to build more reformatories as well as prisons to contain the niggers.

Earlier last week, the Vice President for Economic Cluster Dr. James Wani Igga ordered the citizens to report any group of niggers to the authorities in order to reduce cases of crimes in the city.

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