The great Bible orator, Jesus Christ once hinted to his disciples a parable about a farmer who sowed good seed in his garden but at night, the devil added weeds too. In analogy, government constructs roads for development purposes but there are those intrinsic to frustrate such efforts by inflaming[Read More…]

As we mourn Agnes Waron, who died in a land dispute at Hai-Mauna, her brutal murder epitomizes the cruelty, bereaved families face after demise of a man.  Government must protect widows, widowers and orphans against monster relatives who mercilessly loot bereaved families bare of property, robbing them of their rights[Read More…]

Beware of land grabbers

By Esther Aurelio Agira   Land grabbing is the act of taking someone’s land in an unlawful manner. A land grabber might be an individual, organization, government institution, or even the private sector. Land grabbing and corruption are like two sides of the same coin, since land grabbing is always[Read More…]