Security of Juba should be a priority

The security situation of Juba is very calm as stated by Mr. Ugo Aurelious Chichim Director General of former Jubek State Ministry of information, Culture, youth and Sports this week in a weekly State security briefing chaired by State Administrator the former secretary General of defunct Jubek State, recent Republican order reverting 32 States to ten States in South Sudan automatically forced 32 State Governors out of offices, awaits formation of Transitional Government of National Unity that will result for appointment of ten new Governors to assume offices to monitor developmental activities of the ten States including security issues, Currently State Administrator and Director Generals of Ministries in former Jubek State the one attending on behalf of State Cabinet State weekly security meetings after positions of the former Jubek State Governor, entire cabinet and advisors dissolved, on the other hand security weekly meetings of Juba City is chaired by H.W. Mayor of Juba City Council and two Deputy Mayors of the Council plus commanders of Police Stations in the City and other security sectors now the recent development of dissolution of State Government also forced H.W. Mayor and two Deputies out of Office awaits appointment of New Mayor and two Deputies  to take over administration of Juba City Council to monitor issues of economy, security, environment and sanitation among others. The Current State administrator is doing good job, security forces and police need to be strengthen, their salaries and incentives need to be paid in time to curb isolated security issues in Juba City and the State. On Thursday evening 5th March 2020,  in Munuki Block of Juba City a very disturbing story happened, a group of criminals in a car armed with guns robbed Sawa Express Money transfer forex at Sub-Lybia and had taken good amount of money, shot at least two people dead, until the press time no information availed to media but the gangs escaped the scene, we will be monitoring latest development on the case from the spokesperson of South Sudan National Police Services (SSNPS). What we are urgently calling for is for the Ministry of Interior Republic of South Sudan and Juba City Council to double efforts, deploy strong and competent police forces as patrol teams in the City, avail communications among police officers and men to track suspects before crime happens. The security situation of Juba at the moment, is normal accept isolated cases.