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By Agoku Christine Taban Suicide cases among young people are rampantly increasing, based on news reports. This has been caused by different factors, which include limited possibilities for income generation, idleness, substance abuse, criminality, armed conflict, and gender-based violence. Many organizations that are supporting mental health and psychological awareness are[Read More…]

Hunger is a real disease in South Sudan

Nation Talks By Kiden Stela Mandela  Large population in South Sudan mostly suffers from hunger including the one that is supported by humanitarian agencies, if you are at the country today, most are suffering from hunger more than attacks that are happening around the country, people are already traumatized on[Read More…]

Study to be a better leader

Nation Talks Kiden Stela Mandela In every country, education is taken as the key for development. It is through education that good leadership is seen, qualify doctors, engineers, pilots, teachers and many other leaders in the country. Without education, nothing will move ahead. With set Syllabus as an eye opener,[Read More…]

Nation Talks

Another Jesus Christ appeared in Gogrial East county By Kiden Stela Mandela A national Member of Parliament (MP) has taken the law into his hands by destroying a religious symbol which is contrary to the bill of rights. It means the country’s lawmakers don’t respect the rule of law which[Read More…]

Nation talks

No security, no agriculture By Kiden Stela Mandela Recent findings from the World Bank statistical analysis shows that South Sudan in regards to humanitarian crisis stands at 8.9 million domiciles who are in desperate need of humanitarian aid with a total increase of over 600,000 in the past years. This[Read More…]

The silent killings must stop

By Kiden Stela Mandela The ongoing silent killing in South Sudan is something that is not good because it may lead the country to genocide one day. Up to date, there are still clashes ongoing across the country, more especially in the Upper Nile state. It is a serious issue[Read More…]

Nation Talks

POWER SUPPLY IN JUBA IS A NIGHTMARE By Loro Louis Yugu (Guest Writer) This service fella has made me to have a say. He has taken the zeal to speak out point blank that the world has rated our country to be the least in electricity supply to its citizens.[Read More…]

Nation Talks

Will citizens survive these economic hardships? By Kiden Stela Mandela The economic hardship in the country is beyond normal understanding of every individual more especially the Citizens who are trying to put their efforts to change the abuse of the nation by foreign countries but instead it is a waste[Read More…]