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Apart from the heavy weight of East African Community chair, the question of pursuing peace in the neighboring war-torn Sudan, rests on President Salva Kiir Mayardit, yet domestic frictions are numerous.

The burden of responsibility increases on the President as Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) party top leadership from Equatoria urged him to address rampant cases of land grabbing in the region.

The President should be left to focus on ensuring general peace and security, development and welfare of the citizens, while the state Assemblies and the National Assembly legislate on how best to resolve land matters.

President Salva Kiir could make a pronouncement inform of a decree or a statement, but its implementation would be more relevant when legislated upon. Though the Land Act is under amendments, there are procedures state governments would use to guide citizens on land peaceful acquisition and settlement.

Land grabbing starts among family members. It doesn’t require the President to settle land conflicts among brothers, children of co-wives, cousins, uncles and nephews etc. this would take his entire life moving from a village to another. But the states and the communities are the ones to play that role.

The most contentious land at the moment is that in urban areas and along highways, these fall under land use, which could best be legislated on. Whereas the community have right to land, the governments at both state and national levels should guide urban land use.

The national parliament must therefore expedite land laws to curb wrangles and land grabbing in the country, not the president.


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