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Changing political affiliation has become more unpredictable like movement of currency from one’s hands; you give out today, comes back to tomorrow and vanishes the very moment.

The bad trade in political defections is that these orchestrators will be the first to seek a handshake with the leader of a party they abandoned, whenever an opportunity avails.

Gossiping, name calling, regretting and acerbating uncertainties on their misfortune to have gone the way, is their ploy but with intent of a slice of political cake to woo them back, that is the habit.

Which political party on earth is better than the other, with angels and saints as its leaders, even when the religions, most reverend, are corrupted by the devil? What can’t one do in one party that can be done in the other?

To hit the nail on the head, the sporadic perambulation of individuals and groups within Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) parties, does not good to the nation, than harm.

Talking about peace, no single political party can boost of “bring peace” in an area without involving the other. Thus, the saying “one hand cannot clap but two” hence, in the absence of the second party, only chaos reigns.

One does not need to belong to any political party to embrace peace in this country. It’s the collective responsibility of every citizen and resident to partake in ushering conducive atmosphere for harmony to prevail.

Under the Revitalized Peace Agreement, all the signatories are part and parcel to act towards realization of their promises with equality regardless of which is bigger or smaller.

Every political party in the country, with its cadres and supporters at all levels, must prioritize seeking peace as sole object, less than that is profiteering.

If the intent of conversion is to pave way to heaven, why then must converts be paraded on a podium, likewise, what worth is in showing off defectors from another party, while the ballots count awaits?

No reason better for defections than fortune-seeking, its corruption of the mind.

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